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Dynamic Sports Gear™ Posture Corrector

Dynamic Sports Gear


    OVERALL CORRECTION--Shoulder Support Brace Pull back your Upper Back to the right position. And then improve your whole body posture during work or life.

    USE ANYTIME-You can use it not only when you are sitting on computer or driving a car, but also when you are playing sports or gardening. What is more, you can use it at home when you are doing housework, or watching TV.

    PRACTICAL--Posture brace filed with Lightweight neoprene,can be worn comfortably under or over clothing.Correct your posture all day.You can put on and adjust by yourself. Adjustable to all sizes!

    USE DAILY--This lightweight back support should be worn daily. First couple of days wear it for 10-20 minutes only, than add 10 minutes every day. Your back and shoulders will slowly adjust and you will build muscle memory for the right posture.

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    Poor Posture can be harmful to your health. If you are in front of a cellphone, tv, or screen for an extended period of time, chances are you suffer from slouching and poor posture. Even athletes can suffer from this due to muscle imbalances.

    So whether you are male or female, athlete or office worker, our Posture Corrector is a must have. Dynamic Sports Gear™ Posture Corrector fits comfortably and is adjustable to all body types. It firmly pulls the shoulders back, eliminating the "rounding" of shoulders which cause unhealthy poor posture.

    Additionally, our Posture Corrector is amazing for helping athletes maintain proper back form while working out to also help prevent injuries. Maintaining proper form is key to a risk-free workout. Look confident, feel confident and be healthier!



    Dynamic Sports Gear™ Posture Corrector is not about a temporary fix. Over time your body adjusts to wearing our Posture Corrector, muscle memory will form so that even when taking it off, your body will naturally adjust to its newer and healthier posture.

    The lightweight but firm material is adjustable and made of breathable material which means you can wear it all day for maximum effect. Even under clothing!





    Easily get perfect confident posture - start standing, sitting much straighter.

    Align your shoulders, spine and upper back.

    Improve posture & reduce slouching immediately with easily adjustable dual strap design.

    Lightweight padded neoprene corrector can be worn comfortably under or over clothing.

    Eliminates neck and back discomfort from sitting with rounded shoulders in front of the computer.

    Wear all day to retrain your posture- it\'s nearly invisible when worn under a shirt.




    1. Do not bleach.

    2. Use cold water hand washing.

    3. Don't use the washing machine dehydration, hot water washing is not available.

    Package including:One of Lightweight padded neoprene corrector


    Package includes: 1x Support Belt



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