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Dynamic Sports Training Mask 3.0

Dynamic Sports Gear


    ➔ Train EFFECTIVELY! 20 minutes of cardio training with our Training Mask equals 2 hours without a mask (Depending on the altitude level set on the training mask). This is possible because our fitness mask simulates high altitude training (Less Oxygen). Train LESS to get MORE results!

    ➔ Our training mask simulates altitude training by creating breathing resistance, you increase the beneficial effects of your training and you accelerate your progression (Whatever your level) by increasing your VO2max Maximum oxygenation capacity during effort).

    ➔ This training mask is used by the majority of top athletes because it helps to push your physical and mental limits. A beginner or amateur athlete will evolve much faster.

    ➔ Many scientific studies demonstrate the beneficial effects of altitude training (With a elevation training mask): Increase and improve your metabolism, your physical and mental endurance, your heart function, your lung capacity, your muscle strength, your oxygenation capacity (VO2max), your blood circulation and even your diaphragm (Breathing muscle). Here is a link to this scientific report.

    ➔ Our fitness mask can also be used at rest to increase your basic metabolism (You burn more calories), to improve your muscle recovery (You reduce aches), but also to relax your nervous system (You activate the nervous system parasympathetic when used at rest).




    ➔ Our fitness mask comes with its protective bag.

    ➔ 3 sizes according to your weight:

    Size S < 150 lbs

    Size M = 150-220 lbs
    Size L > 220 lbs

    ➔ 4 colors: carbon, black, jungle, desert.

    ➔ 6 training levels: 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, or 5000 meters. Train as if you were on the highest mountains in the world ...

    ➔ Manufactured with the best high quality materials.

    ➔ Advanced technology "AdapSilicon" for comfort of use and a perfect adaptation to the contours of your face.

    ➔ We check each mask by hand before processing each order.



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