Shoot Like Steph Basketball Shooting Aid

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    The Dynamic Sports Gear™️ Shotguide is the only scientifically proven basketball training tool developed to constantly imporve the shooting form and accuracy for basketball players of all ages and skill level.

    This training method is used by basketball legends such as Stephen Curry, Kyle Korver, and JJ Redick.




    • Forces players to keep the ball off the palm of hand
    • Promotes proper release and follow-through
    • Spreads fingers for better ball stability
    • Flexible and comfortable to wear


    Some of the best players in the game agree that the Shotguide is the real deal. “Shotguide keeps your hand set in the perfect shooting position. Combined with hard work and repetition, Shotguide will increase your shooting accuracy.” shared J.J. Redick when asked about Shotguide.

    In a recent interview in SLAM Magazine, Redick went on to share about an early season slump and Shotguide. “I used it for a whole day right before I got on the hot streak I’ve been on shooting the ball, I don’t want to say it was because of that… but it didn’t hurt.”

    Recent 2010-11 Free Throw Percentage Leader and 2011 NBA All-Star Taco Bell Skills Challenge winner Stephen Curry added, “When you’re in the pressure cooker of making a big shot, the consistent form and repetition from training with Shotguide will come as second nature and help you knock it down.”

    Former NBA Assistant and World Renowned Shooting Coach Dave Hopla was so impressed with Shotguide, “There has never been a basketball training tool that has done so much to improve your shooting ability. Spread fingers, correct grip, ball out of the palm and great rotation. Shotguide is a truly innovative product that combined with hard work will make you a better shooter.”

    Shotguide is constructed of a highly flexible and durable proprietary foam that is lightweight and comfortable. Shotguide slides over the four fingers of the players left or right hand and spreads the fingers evenly at the proper arc for optimum ball control. Shotguide comes in five various sizes, so players as young as eight years old can train with proper form.